Random Character Roller-Upper!

Welcome! On this site you will find FREE random character generation tools for (mostly) small press / indie RPG systems, created & updated as I have time to do so. Feature requests, bug reports, comments, questions, favorite recipes, etc... are always welcome and should go to chris@exploredungeons.com.

Geek stuff: The site runs on Azure, using ~3000 lines of C# / Blazor (running in a WebAssembly). The developer runs purely on caffeine. If you really like what I'm doing, you can always buy me a or two.

Thanks for checking us out. Please consider supporting the creators of these games via the links below.

Happy Gaming!

Want a Roller-Upper for your game?

If you publish an indie/small press RPG I'm happy to do one for you in exchange for a (physical & pdf) copy of your game for my collection. (Yep, that's it.) Each one usually takes about a week(ish), depending on system complexity. Feel free to hit me up on socials or via chris@exploredungeons.com to discuss.

Active Roller-Uppers...


Barbarians...Ruined Earth BOOKS / PDFS

Dungeon Crawl Classics BOOKS / PDFS


Mothership BOOKS / PDFS

Warpland BOOKS / PDFS

Weird Frontiers BOOKS / PDFS

In Progress...

Death is the New Pink BOOKS / PDFS

Mörk Borg BOOKS / PDFS



- Confirmed: Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland
- Maybe: Lamentations of the Flame Princess roller-upper. I know, but I want to do one.
- Maybe: Old School Essentials - Advanced Fantasy roller-upper. (waiting on book)
- Maybe: Troika

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