Roll Method:
Saturday Morning
Aqualorian 1
6 11 17 13 10 13
9 d10 d8 d6 1 1
Underwater Life - Can swim up to Not-So-Near per round. Breathe Underwater. See Underwater as above. You gain Advantage on Attack/Defense against surface dwellers in water.
Strength - Gain Advantage on feats of strength.
Battle Prowess - You can make 2 attacks each round.
Telepathic Communication - Speak to water-based animals on a WIS test. May attempt 1/hr to communicate with surface creatures/races (except robots).
Daggers, Tridents, Spears/Harpoon, Swords, Nets, Bolas, and Laser Weaponry
Metal Short Sword, Stone Dagger
Light Padded Cloth Armor: Many Layered Clothing
Rations (4), Waterskin (4), Bedroll, Torches (1), Healing Salve (1HD)
human water-breathing apparatus (1d6 UD)

80 __________ CP
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